"I was born into an abusive family; I hated my dad who was sadistic in his drunken state. On one occasion he locked his four little kids in the boot of his car as punishment for some minor thing. He was drunk and forgot us. We were saved by a concerned neighbour who responded to our screams. Chris did some amazing work on healing the child within, and my anxiety and depression have gone."

BR: North Melbourne, VIC.

"I had a serious gambling addiction which led to a relationship breakdown and then depression. Chris helped me to overcome both and my life is now back on track."

DS: Launching Place, VIC.

"My family is full of heavy smokers and drinkers. I was the same. My wife couldn’t take my drinking anymore. She took the kids and left me. I was angry and depressed resulting in a road rage incident. The police charged me with assault and driving over .05 in an unregistered ute. I lost my licence and my job. After three sessions with Chris, my life turned around. I am now back with my wife and kids, I have a job I enjoy and I don’t touch a drop!"

JS: Wonthaggi, VIC.

Yesterday, by friend Sue and I went to Trafalgar for lunch and this time I drove. No fear! Just a feeling of quiet confidence and an inner knowledge that I could do it and I did. Driving is no longer a fear for me. I actually find it relaxing! Thank you SO much Chris.

ER: Warragul, VIC.

This is my 3rd year of being a non smoker so I thought I’d flick you a quick text to say thanks and and also thanks from my mates, Kev and Ron, who have also stopped thanks to you.

CM: Berwick, VIC.