Prescription Drugs

Addiction is not a prison! We always have choice. Because we always have choice, we can choose to change our behaviour. Addiction is a behaviour we choose and because we choose to take up a harmful behaviour, we can also choose to stop. Calling this behaviour an addiction, provides us with an excuse. We can say we are powerless to stop because it is an addiction. Not true!!!

Why do we choose to take up the behaviour of addiction?

There are many reasons ranging from a desire to escape the pain of the past to a need to satisfy our want for acceptance and belonging at all costs - even if this entails connecting with a group of addicts. A common theme in cases of addiction, is insecurity and low self-esteem.

A combination of cognitive behaviour therapy and hypnotic suggestion is very effective in bringing about behavioural change. I like to discover why the behaviour of addiction started, and then through CBT and hypnosis, disempower the reasons behind the behaviour. This approach evinces a more permanent solution than treating the manifestation.