Christopher Roering

MA,  DipHyp,  DipEd,  CMAHA,  MHRA

In addition to my academic and clinical training, I was on the Victorian Mental Health Review Board for thirteen years and on the Forensic Leave Panel for four years. My first degree was in psychology and I trained in hypnotherapy at the Academy of Hypnotic Science in Melbourne.

I established my West Gippsland practice in 2006. More than half my clients come from Greater Melbourne and the busy practice operates from Mondays to Saturdays.

Remove subconscious blocks

Your subconscious mind is extremely powerful. Smokers, for instance, can
tell you exactly why they want to stop smoking … but they just can’t. Why?
The conscious mind which wants to stop is overruled by the subconscious
which hangs onto the past. Working with the client, we discover what the subconscious mind is holding on to. Then we work together to reframe, and clear these obstructions through a combination of psychotherapy and hypnotherapy


What's it like to be hypnotised?


It’s a wonderful experience often similar to day-dreaming, which is an
altered state. In the altered state that you experience, you will be aware of
your surroundings, but will not pay much attention to them. Instead, you will be occupied with what is going on inside your mind.
The daydreaming or Alpha state (which is most commonly used) allows me to engage both the conscious and subconscious minds thus making the experience more powerful and effective. I usually give you a very quick
susceptibility test to assess your suitability for hypnosis. If you are
susceptible, I will guide you into a hypnotic trance. If you are not

susceptible, I will use a deep, guided meditation which is just as effective. I
will not get you to talk during the hypnosis, unless you wish to recover a

It is common to feel as if you can't move your body, or that your body feels very heavy during the session. There is absolutely nothing to worry about — you have simply become completely relaxed. Some people even feel as though they can't feel their body at all. This is called dissociation and, although it doesn't happen to everyone, it is a good sign of an effective altered state of consciousness. Your perception of time will probably alter during the session and you may be surprised at how much time has passed once you return to normal consciousness.
An altered state of consciousness brought about by gentle hypnosis or
guided meditation is a very pleasant experience.